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Fr., 15. Nov.


das LOT

LOTinConcert: Blind Delon, Touch By Touch, Sundl

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LOTinConcert: Blind Delon, Touch By Touch, Sundl
LOTinConcert: Blind Delon, Touch By Touch, Sundl


15. Nov. 2024, 20:00 – 16. Nov. 2024, 00:00

das LOT, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Österreich



In their black granit spaceship, the cabin crew moves in slow motion, freed from weightlessness. Sinking into the dark depths of the universe, the members of the Techno Finale 666 mission are watching with fear and resignation our galaxy moving away until it becomes a tiny point of light. In the large empty halls of the machine, the synthetic and freezing hymns of Blind Delon resonate. Cold bass lines and synthesizers of an age they weren’t even born, French post-punk and black romanticism, Blind Delon is building a bridge between melancholy and rave music with their  rough noises and pure electro sound.

TOUCH BY TOUCH is the duo of FKV and FKG, exploring themes of love and loss in a cold world. Incorporating influences from 1980s synthpop and darkwave to post-punk, their songs are dealing with love, passion and disillusion.

In 2023 they released the 4-track tape »Touché Deux«, currently the band are recording their debut-album.

SUNDL is the alter ego of Vienna-based musician and producer Christian Sundl. With a sense of rhythm, a love of repetition and a flirtation with Post Punk, Goth, Techno, House and Dark Wave, he transports listeners into his worlds of time-honored drum machines, sinister synths and darkly shimmering imagery, samples and lyrics - always danceable, always contemplative and certainly always refreshing. SUNDL's third release on Cut Surface, on which the musician again single-handedly recorded and played all instruments on the eight tracks, is a flowing road trip. The all-encompassing bracket of SUNDL "3" is formed by water and many metaphors for it as well as voices, siren-like or tough and strict, which accompany the listeners through the sound floods. It's still Goth House - but SUNDL has it all! Christian Sundl discovers the dancefloor with all his heart, clammy and creeping and he doesn't want to stop dancing, oscillating. This is how a Goth Paradise Garage could have been played, at 4 in the morning with an absinthe cocktail in hand, eyeliner remnants around the eyes and delicate red lipstick glistening in the light of the disco ball.


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