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Art meets electronic music


TECHNOLOT is a powerful mix of industrial, Techno and Experimental Art. Sometimes more mainstream, sometimes more avant-garde  and always unique and artistic. It combines electronic music with live-visuals, touch-design or sound-to-light. You are never alone and awareness teams and security ensure your safety. 


If this appeals to you and you would like to help us as a DJ-collective, Visual Artist, Awareness-Person or at the bar, feel free to get in touch with us through mail.

This year we will expand our concept and will have one TECHNOLOT per month - save the dates: 


P.s.: If you want to do an  DJ-Event at LOT there are 2 options:

A) Either you rent the the space and organise everything yourself (no staff from us). Prices depends on equipment and set-up needed as well on what you have in mind. 

B) We are doing a collaboration in the frame of TECHNOLOT. You don't have to rent,we share the income and personnel costs (door, awareness, set-up, etc.) 50/50

> In both cases, the bar is run by the non-profit cultural association ECHOLOT  

> Our events go on until 04:00 at the latest 


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