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Connect and Play - Exhibition: 30. May – 02. June 2024 
OPEN CALL out now - apply till 30.04.2024

“We live in an age of hyper-awareness, our senses extend around the globe, but it’s the case of aesthetic overload: our technical zeal has outstripped our psychic capacity to cope with the influx of information.”


As a counterpart to our ARTWALK (transdisciplinary project OUTSIDE), we are doing a transdisciplinary Exhibition INSIDE of Das LOT every year. This time it will all be about interactive art. This aligns with our understanding of “Relational Art” and brings us closer to our long-term goal of establishing our own digital sector.  For participating artworks we are inviting artists with our OPEN CALL (pdf on this page). 


Our intention is to completely transform Das LOT for the duration of the exhibition. The space will become a labyrinth, reminiscent of a central circuit board, creating as many differing corners, and angles and perspectives for experiencing the artwork across two levels as possible. 


The artworks are intended to encourage the audience to do more than just passively observe; our goal is to inspire them to take on a playful perspective and become active participants rather than distant spectators. In this realm of immersive exploration, there are no constraints imposed by conventions or expectations. Instead, individuals are free to interpret the art in their own way, interact and connect with it as they see fit.


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