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BUTOH FESTIVAL - Tarot Butoh Cards #2 / Po Owocach

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BUTOH FESTIVAL - Tarot Butoh Cards #2 / Po Owocach
BUTOH FESTIVAL - Tarot Butoh Cards #2 / Po Owocach


08. Dez. 2022, 19:00

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


"Tarot Butoh Cards" #2

Oracle, Improvisation game, Electroacoustic music, Live painting and dance performances.

Three dancers on the stage. A tarologist opens the Tarot for the audience. "Do you have some questions?" According to the revealed cards, a musician will compose ambiences, soundscapes and electroacoustic dramaturgies to be danced to. Parallel to these performances, a visual artist will synthesize the entire composition of the cards, dance and soundscapes in the paintings of this oracle.

In this edition, our Butoh Tarot will have the presence of Italian dancers Maruska Ronchi and Liviana Angeloni along with the English dancer Suzi Cunningham. The music and sound performances will be performed by electroacoustic Instrumentalist Christoph Punzmann and the acousmatic composer Christian Tschinkel.

Dancers: Yuri Matsumaru (Japan), Maruska Ronchi (Italy), Suzi Cunningham (Scotland), Liviana Angeloni (Italy),  Lucía Sombras (Spain), Ita Raskin (Spain), Jessica Cottee (Ireland), Min Yoon (South Korea), Evgeniya Melkonyan (Ukraine), Tracey Fischer (US), Filippo Pasquali (Italy), Veronica Vetrila (Italy),  Marijke De Puydt (Belgium), Virgínia Torres (Spain).

Musicians: Christian Tschinkel (AT) and Christoph Punzmann (DE) 

Painter: Maria Cas Rose (MX)

Tarologist: Vanillery Garden (US)

Director: Will Lopes (BR)

Po Owocach By the fruits/ After fruits Like a stick 

Nostalgically, rhythmically

And bang!

To the ground, to the sand

Fleurishing navel

Butoh: Anita Zdrojewska (PL)

Live music: Ruff Libner

Duration: 30 min

Anita Zdrojewska – japanologist, art manager and Butoh dancer continuing studies with Atsushi Takenouchi. She practiced also with Yoshito Ohno, Yukio Waguri, Ko Murobushi and other recognized Eastern and Western Butoh masters (fot. Paulina Bijoch)

Rafał “Ruff” Libner - musician, traveller, soundman and song writer, playing the didjeridoo since 1998. He is cofounder of: Radio Samsara , Nell Ambientes, Balanda Didjeridoo Duo. He also cooperates with: Stary Theatre in Cracow as a didjeridu musician in Factory 2 by Krystian Lupa, Storia Theurgica Dynamic Multimedia Project, Gadająca Tykwa, Magic Carpathians, Peruquois, Zarathustra Esfandiary, Frisbee, During numerous travels to Nepal he performed and recorded with Shyam Nepali Group. He created music for several Zdrojewska butoh performances.


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