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BUTOH FESTIVAL - I WILL - Foreign Portrait

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BUTOH FESTIVAL - I WILL - Foreign Portrait
BUTOH FESTIVAL - I WILL - Foreign Portrait


02. Dez. 2022, 18:30

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


"I Will" - Foreign PortraitFilme/ Performance/ Installations

“I Will” is a short film and dance performance on immigration. A reflection on the cultural, social and political concept of belonging and acceptance. Based on the poetic testimony of an immigrant artist who has recently arrived in Austria, the film starts as a poetic portrait to reach an archetypal level of conflict. Wouldn't the migratory, life-transforming movement be common to every human being?  A project by the Brazilian Butoh Dancer Will Lopes, the  Bosnian photographer Dino Rekanović and Vienna's Association Ditiramb. Following the development of fruitful works, realized jointly since 2018, the artists started from the combination of Cinema, Butoh dance and Portrait photography to develop their next collective work in “I WILL - Foreign Portrait” dance film. This work in progress has been developing since March 2021, with script creation and development, and photo and video photographic experiments. In August 2021, the artists were together for a week in an artist residency in Vienna, for rehearsals, photo and video research, site visits, storyboard development and a shooting plan. The material that we present here for the Das Lot Mosaique call is the result of these works. At this moment, the project is preparing for fundraising, the formation of new partnerships, to be finished in 2022.  Produced by: .ditiramb Script, Performance and Direction: Will Lopes Colaboration: Ilaria Vergani Photography & Camera: Dino Rekanović Camera 2: Amar Tahirović Camara Assistance: Bojan Stekić Assistance: Goran Bećirčić, Thomas Gasser Editing and Color correction: Amar Tahirović


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