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BUTOH FESTIVAL - Ecate / Black Fern

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BUTOH FESTIVAL - Ecate / Black Fern
BUTOH FESTIVAL - Ecate / Black Fern


03. Dez. 2022, 21:00

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


ECATE - Eights steps into eternity

When a loved one crosses life's threshold, the whole world seems new. How is it possible to turn an experience of mourning into a dance? "Ecate" is a dance with which Damiano Fina remembers his mother Maria Novella, who passed away prematurely in 2021. The recording of the original performance took place at the spaces of Villa Godi Malinverni, a Palladian project from 1542. In evoking memories of the close bond connecting him with his mother, Damiano Fina wore her wedding dress.

With: Damiano Fina. Italian artist and writer who explores the sacred through the body, his FÜYA method and philosophical research. A pedagogical approach to dance and its spiritual origins since the Pleistocene.  

Dancing eternity and accessing the sacred 

Since 2004 her artistic research has been influenced by alchemy, ancient rituals of Classical Greece, the teachings of Zen master Dogen, butoh dance, radical queer theory and continuous readings and meditations. His artistic research explores mysticism and philosophy through the body and its multiple possibilities of connection.

He has performed in Paris, Berlin, London, Japan and in various Italian festivals. He joined the Hokkaido Butoh Festival in 2018, the En Chair Et En Son Paris Butoh Festival in 2018 and 2021, the New York Queer Butoh Festival in 2021. He holds a master's degree in Pedagogy of Expression. In 2017 he connected queer theory with butoh dance in his project for a queer pedagogy, publishing the book "The Dance of Eros and Thanatos for a Queer Pedagogy". In 2020 he published the book "Dance and Alchemy", where he tells about the FÜYA method.

FÜYA is a method based on the theory of the four bodies and body balances. A kinesthetic, philosophical and poetic approach that aims to educate the human organism on the importance of accessibility to the sacred through contemplation exercises. The purpose of the FÜYA method is to lead the human creature back to an awareness of its origins, to restore its balance with the world.  Research between dance, alchemy and queer pedagogy What is the meaning of dancing today? A question that the artist has addressed to the art of dance, even before philosophy, and that has led him back to the beginnings of the human being when after the hunt he stretched the skins of his prey and danced around the fire with the rhythm of the drums. As he explains in his books and at the end of his performances: dance opens up the invisible.

 黑蕨"Black Fern"The vitality from ancient times, a light booming in the dark

Ferns have appeared on the earth as early as 400 million years ago. They are the most primitive group of vascular plants. They can also grow and bloom in a humid and harsh environment. Under the difficult international situation and political environment, Taiwan still tenaciously conveys the value of democracy and freedom Taiwan is well known as “Kingdom of Ferns”, with more than 650 different types of ferns, 60 of which are endemic, and more than 200 rare. Unique culture and art have been nurtured in such a place with outstanding people. I believe it can bring contemporary Butoh even more different vision and excitement.

Solo performance as Taiwanese artist Hu Chia. In his works, the performer combines the art of calligraphy and the body aesthetics of contemporary Butoh, synchronizing the deep Zen spirit through the interdisciplinarity of visual operations and performing arts. In this way, he connects the restrained and gentle spirit of traditional Taiwanese Kung Fu called "Monkey and Crane Double Form Chuan" with artistic space composed of people and environments.

Performance: Hu Chia

Duration: 20min


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