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Di., 25. Okt.



Blare Dance Company

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Blare Dance Company
Blare Dance Company


25. Okt. 2022, 20:00

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


The piece "Remember to Forget" deals, as can be guessed from the quote above, with human memory. In many ways we are constantly dependent on it, much more than we are actually aware of. Yet it is of immeasurable importance not only to the individual, but to our entire society, culture and politics. Without it we would not even be able to think. Because of still prevailing dichotomic conceptions of body and mind, it may sound contradictory to some, but memory is also the absolute proof of the inseparable interconnectedness between our ratio and physique. Therefore, dance is the ideal medium to to delve into memory and to express its meaning

In "Remember to Forget" we physically explore the described discourse around memory and translate it into movement. We investigate the divers theories and aspects physically to generate specific movement and try to translate the mechanics, function and structure of memory through it. We also both immerse ourselves in our individual personal memories and the physicality associated with them, thereby allowing dance movement to emerge and thus giving expression to the memory content through dance. Also, we explore and visualize the connection of our individual history with our shared cultural and collective memory and simultaneously create new collective memories.

In this way, we want to take the audience on a journey through the world of memory in all its facets, influenced by personal memories and the associated emotions, inviting them to also connect with their own memories and the processes associated with them. Through the connection, that automatically appears when watching dance, the collective memory also becomes tangible.. We also enter into a specific dialogue with the space and its memory contents at each place where we perform, thereby revitalizing the space itself as well as our dance. Additionally it is not to forget that also the audience is part of this dialogue as well, which means that what the spectators will receive, is strongly influenced by what they have stored in their memories themselves. Thus, together with space and audience we create a unique experience.

Choreography: Saskia Tindle

Dance: Corina Hoser, Nikoline Flaata/Ivana Oršolić, Gudrun Pöltl

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