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So., 05. Mai



Butoh Performance: REFUGE(E)

Directed by Joan Laage/Kogut Butoh in collaboration with Will Lopes, Jutta Mayer, Stephanie Tietz, Annina Hunziker, Florian Feit & Christoph Punzmann

Butoh Performance: REFUGE(E)
Butoh Performance: REFUGE(E)


05. Mai 2024, 20:00 – 21:00

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Österreich


A world in chaos, multitudes of people displaced, frozen in place or constantly moving. Refuge(e) is the latest in Joan’s body of work inspired by the aftermath of war and the urge to find a safer, saner place to live. Refugees longing for, searching for “refuge.” She directed this project in Seattle in February 2024 with local performers and is pleased to be bringing it to Venice. In April, Joan will join Lucie Betz in Freiburg in their own creation of Refuge. All the travel journeys, especially in Europe over many years, the waiting in stations – train, ship, air. Where have all these travelers come from and where are they going and even more so – why?


Reduced: 15 €: Für Schüler:innen bis 16 Jahre, Lots:innen sowie Inhaber:innen der IG-Karten (bildende Kunst, freie Theater)

Standard: 20 €

2 free tickets for Kulturpass holders, please write to:



    Von 15,00 € bis 20,00 €
    • 20,00 €
    • 15,00 €


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