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myt' - where past meets present

The performative exhibition "Myt: where past meets present" (March 10th-12th, 2023) covers three artistics works of the duo SOC.I.A, Hélène Litorelle, Anastasiia Yevstratenko a photo exibtion (Ivan Honchar & Max Levin) and a film screening of "Vodorudu".

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myt' - where past meets present
myt' - where past meets present


10. März 2023, 18:00 – 12. März 2023, 22:00

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


Myt´ – an instant moment, where everything can be changed in a second.

Myt´ – the very moment, where the past meets present, where traditions meet modern.

The main exhibition Myt´: where past meets present covers works of four artists -

duo SOC.I.A COLLECTIVE, Hélène Litorelle, Anastasiia Yevstratenko.

Their visual and performative art reflects on artists identity and the history of Ukraine. Moreover it draws attention to the Russian war against Ukraine and the crimes committed by the Russian. The authors' works will also touch on the topic of Russian imperialism and its destruction of Ukrainian culture, which, unfortunately, has more than three hundred years of history. SOC.I.A COLLECTIVE will show in a form of performance how it feels, when a missile attack is approaching the city. Hélène Litorelle will present her Diary of a War from a Ukrainian Bunker. Through a series of paintings about Ukrainian mythology and war, Anastasia Yevstratenko will try to recreate the gap in folklore that was lost due to years of aggressive colonial Russian policy.

The presentation of the artists’ body of work will be accompanied by two photo exhibitions. The first is the unique album “Ukraine and Ukrainians” (presented for the first time to the broader public) from Ivan Honchar ethnographical museum in Kyiv. The second is the exhibition “Every Ukrainian photographer dreams of taking a photo that will stop the war”, by award-winning photographer Maks Levin, killed in March 2022 near Kyiv. The exhibition will be opened by a small introductory lecture Ukraine in Context: culture and Ukrainian symbols by Ukrainian Journalist in Austria and LOTs:in Lidiia Akryshora and Q/A with artists and public.

Last but not least there will be a public screening of a contemporary film-ballet Vodurudu directed by Anatolii Sachivko. Shot over a span of 6 years, it combines the compositions of Mykola Leontovych and sound restoration by electronic musician Dmytro Avksentiev (Koloah), and is choreographed by the Apache Crew.


The Russian full-scale war against Ukraine has changed the world. Despite the surprise, Ukrainians stood up and fought for their freedom. Freedom costs too much not to go for it and too little to waste it.

Freedom (in Ukrainian svoboda) goes also along with Will (volia). That last word is encrypted in the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Such a decisive moment does not only appeal to action, but reflection. About the past, where we came from and the future, where we are going to and what we are fighting for.

But especially about the present time, this very instant moment, moment of choice - myt´.

The war made this myt´ long enough to realize life and short enough to understand the power of actions.

Since the start of the war, Ukrainian artists have been searching for their roots, rethinking their own identity, searching for new ways of being, since just in a myt´ everything can be found and everything can be destroyed or remade.


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    Your donation will go to an organisation to help Ukrainians in Ukraine. We will tell more about this at the Exhibition.

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