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Sa., 03. Dez.


Das LOT, Brotfabrik Wien


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03. Dez. 2022, 18:00

Das LOT, Brotfabrik Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria



Exploring soil as an organ with its own metabolism –permeable to the living and dying– this performance is an amalgamation of scientific methods, photographic recordings and movement that is inherent to each particle of earthly structures and chaos.

Originating from natural sciences, soil-chromatography is a process to make visible and assess the different components of soil samples, taken from different parts of the earth. The various patterns and colors of a chroma can be analysed to gain knowledge about the health and nutritional value of a specific soil and there- fore, also gain fragmentary knowledge about its past and possible future. Taking this scientific method into a new context, I am working with soil as an active collaborator for image- making: the final picture is not just a representation of earth and its components, but it is the soil, the earth itself that creates this image in the first place.

Based on this already hybrid format, merging science and visual art, my solo performance Sympoiesis is inspi-red by the soil-chroma images and the idea of earth as a recording medium – showing the traces of its past encounters; of life that originated from it as well as ended within it. Moving cyclically and travelling from the innermost earth core through the various trails that run through this soil organ, I am at the same time permeating my surrounding but also constantly being permeated by it. Inside and outside merge, perpetually in exchange and restructuring. A dance that emerges and dissolves at once.

Butoh solo dance piece and installation

Duration: 1h:15min Choreography, concept & performance: Kristina Feldhammer


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