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So., 04. Dez.



BUTOH FESTIVAL - Rules to live by / Wars holy blood of the dreamers

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BUTOH FESTIVAL -  Rules to live by / Wars holy blood of the dreamers
BUTOH FESTIVAL -  Rules to live by / Wars holy blood of the dreamers


04. Dez. 2022, 19:30

Wien, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien, Austria


Lady Lazarus Project (not yet)

Lady Lazarus Project (not yet), is a body crossing a liminal space. An attempt at a profane ritual to carefully reopen one's wounds one by one, to unstitch all the scars, abandoning any temptation of fictitious healing. To wisely tear oneself apart and keep going on, mutilation after mutilation through possible metamorphoses that are built in subtraction. And after having devoured what little remains of yourself with silver cutlery, come to light. Truculently alive. Coming to light is a slow and slow and beautiful pain. The blood is grateful. I breathe. There is blaze and distances. This moment is. I am. Not yet. (To all the Lady Lazarus and their possible and impossible, biblical and domestic resurrections).

with Liviana Angeloni (IT) Durantion: 20min

Rules to Live By

It is a strong movement-led tribute to Mark E. Smith (lead singer of The Fall), Rules to Live By and was born out of a spontaneous tribute dance in front of 150 people on the night of his death. The work is a glittery and rebellious aspiration to a hero’s punk anarchy; featuring the music of Nick Parkin, it is a requiem for heroism, hedonism, rebirth, and dark disturbing humour.

With: Suzi Cunningham a Scottish-based live-performance artist who delves into ritualistic responses to the seen and unseen. With each concept, she creates and presents performances that are bespoke and responsive to it's unique environment, deeply enriched by her sense of design, voice and movement. She is deeply influenced by spending time in the natural world and in contrast, explores relationships with manufactured materials, making embodied connections to objects and props in a way that borders transformation. She is fascinated by process, the reinvention and conversion of matter into other matter and uses her body to explore the textures, colours, rhythms, sounds and even smells that this creates.  With significant training in Butoh dance, she explores the archaeology of the body, uncovering layers of forgotten life and experience. Her current work explores how the primal body meets the modern world.


Alexandre's music took me on a transformative journey, for a walk on the edge of the Abyss. Through destruction, it led me to the belly and heart of the world and life.

How to change butoh performance into a transgressive act that transforms consciousness? Wars [Op. 14] by Alexandre Yterce Shed your blood, dressed in your blood Go, wander, go, deliver yourself up to the depths, Watch the unknown of your face become The dizzy sky, Remove the spell of sacrificed existence Leave the fatal destiny of laws steeped in murder. What is the fate of the one who disobeys the dementia of the powers who have only a frenzy for killing? Who are you thinking of disobeying When your body separates from the desert of fear Where the world is being buried? The performance was prepared for the En Chair Et En Son Festival in France (premiere on November 25, 2022). SYLWIA HANFF - a pioneer and the most recognizable butoh dancers in Poland who has studied butoh with the greatest masters.  She has an M.A. in philosophy, with a theoretical background in Theatre Anthropology. Sylwia is a choreographer, director, dance therapist, yoga teacher and cultural manager. She has also studied Western and Eastern, contemporary and ancient techniques of body control. The practice of meditation is a crucial element of her training. She was an actress in the Warsaw Mime Theatre, and worked with the National Theatre and National Opera. She is a curator of projects in the field of artistic and cultural education (Mazovian Award 2021 for I don't know who Grotowski was. Laboratory of Active Culture project) as well as socio-cultural projects, initiator and Artistic Director of Butohpolis. The Butoh International Art Festival. On stage for 26 years, so far she has performed in over 40 institutional and independent theater performances. Since 2002, she has been running the Limen Butoh Theater, where she has created over 20 solo and group performances as well as many etudes and improvisations. Her artistic work and method were described in the book by Magdalena Zamorska published in English, entitled Intense Bodily Presence: Practices of Polish Butō by Peter Lang GmbH, 2018), as well as in the book "Something called Butoh", which is the result of 2-year global the study "The current situation of Butoh outside of Japan", published by the NPO Dance Archive Network (Japan). She was scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. For 20 years she has been running body and movement workshops. She collaborates with physical and experimental theaters. For 20 years, she has been cooperating internationally, organizing artistic events - presentations of performances and workshops by guests from abroad and inviting foreign artists to participate in her projects. ALEXANDRE YTERCE - Born in France, Alexandre Yterce is an independent composer who does not consider music as a territory isolated from reality, but one of the fundamental means of renewing the consciousness increasingly domesticated by a world that commits suicide in dehumanization. He lives from his works and leads an autonomous existence that sings of no promise of a different future. He composes regularly at the Accès Digital studio in Rouen. He frequently gives scenic actions and stagings of poetic texts in various theaters accompanied by instrumental creations and concrete music that he calls "Dramaphonies". He also performs acousmatic works in concert. He founded and animated for ten years (with the actress Florence Gonot) the festival Brûlures des Langues and the review-disc Licenses, in Paris, an attempt to create a space of artistic freedom.


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